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Over the past nine years, Sue Marsh has gained a global reputation for her work with eyelashes. She is the celebrities’ best-kept secret and the beauty editors’  favourite for bespoke eyelash and eyebrow treatments.

Now firmly established as the ‘Queen of Lashes’, she is constantly innovating and pioneering new lash-enhancing treatments, new eye-beautifying products and new tools to be used with these. Her latest technique involves ‘lifting’ and tinting the eyelashes to imitate perfectly the effect that she creates with her famed eyelash extensions and in 2012 Sue launched Award winning Eye Boutique, her very first eyelash collection.

Before she turned her attention to eyelashes, Sue Marsh was best known for her outstanding work in nail design. She was the true pioneer of nail art, with two books published on the subject, and she has worked with top celebrities, models and designers the world over. Her archive of the many, extraordinary nail looks that she created over the years is testament to her illustrious career in this field. In 2005 Sue retired from the nail industry to focus her full attention on revolutionizing the eyelash enhancement industry.

Sue continues to work at the highest level, both with her celebrity client list and on ground-breaking new products. She is an established innovator of Lash Design and continues to revolutionize the industry.

Sue Marsh is based at 85 Elizabeth Street, London SW1W 9PG