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Scratch Magazine – November 2014

Melanie Macleod Reports on Lash & Brow Services featuring Sue Marsh. Marsh is hailed a leading light in eyelash services and has never looked back!


September 17th 2014 / Ayesha Muttucumaru

We speak to eyelash technician Sue Marsh about her definitive dos and don’ts when it comes to eyelash extensions

“I call extensions ‘eye crack’,” says eyelash technician and Get The Gloss Expert Sue Marsh. “The reason that I do is because it’s an addictive look. Once you put them on someone, they will never ever believe they can ever get that kind of enhancement from anything else.”

Whether seen as a way to provide a thicker lash line or a way to fast-track your morning makeup regime, the popularity of eyelash extensions has become bigger than ever. A beauty service that’s become so widely available that you’d be hard-pressed to find a salon or spa that doesn’t offer it nowadays, could one of the beauty industry’s biggest addictions pose more of a risk than previously thought?

We asked eyelash expert Sue about her thoughts on the beauty trend. With a number of long-term side-effects that could result in eyelash loss and traction alopecia, it seems an eyelash extension backlash could be on the cards sooner than we think. “Now I’ve become really strict and my clients know that. They’ll come in and we’ll work on them, but within a limit. We look at how well the product will work for them in the long-term. If they’re doing a film, then for that, that’s fine. However, for continuity they’re much better off going for a strip lash or a lash lift instead. That’s what people are doing more of these days – they’re looking for ways to look ‘naturally fake’.”

Here are Sue’s definitive dos and don’ts when it comes to eyelash extensions and the alternatives that are available to allow people to achieve a fuller flutter in a much more safer and effective way.


Despite misconceptions to the contrary, there are other eyelash treatments available that can provide as good an effect as eyelash extensions. “90% of people don’t need eyelash extensions at all. They’ll need an alternative treatment instead,” says Sue.

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The hottest beauty trends for 2014

By Alice Hart-Davis

Published at 12:01AM, January 4 2014

Injections and scalpels are out, beauty pills and biotech are in. But ‘intimate regimes’ may be a treatment too far Eyelash fertiliser: Whatever your lovely lash-extension lady tells you to the contrary, hear this: lash extensions will ruin your natural lashes. Even Sue Marsh), formerly the high priestess of extensions, has turned her back on them and will only fit them as a one-off for special occasions. Instead, she has got her faithful followers using Mylash (£200 for a bottle that lasts for months), which contains bimatoprost, a drug that is known to enhance lash length and colour. She then perms and tints those longer lashes for a more natural – looking type of lash perfection.

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Best Magazine – December 24th 2013

Get The Gloss – December 2013

Eyelash Expert Interview

Sue Marsh is a woman of many talents; she’s an inventor, designer and a creative director. Sue originally made her name as a nail designer; she broke boundaries, created magnificent nail art and worked alongside some of the most influential fashion designers of our time, including Alexander McQueen and John Galliano.
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Scratch Magazine – October 2013

All of a flutter and Who’s who in lashes and brows


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2nd May 2013


This is Me: Beauty after chemotherapy –

After months of chemo- and radiotherapy for eye cancer, Vassi Chamberlain faced another ordeal – fighting their effects on her appearance. Did she crumple? Hell, no…

My eyebrows, on the other hand, are more problematic. A little will grow back, but the area where my tumour was will remain hairless for life. Result: I now have one and a half eyebrows. I gather notes from friends about cosmetic tattoo artists in LA, New York and London, and I speak to make-up artists Pat McGrath, Charlotte Tilbury and Jemma Kidd, who all know someone brilliant, but the truth is that I hate eyebrow tattoos. I can’t remember the amount of times I’ve stared at a friend with an eyebrow tattoo and thought: ‘That looks crap.’ So I abandon the idea completely and make an appointment to see Sue Marsh – London’s eyebrow queen – in Motcomb Street. She greets me like a kindly aunt and tells me all will be OK. First, she makes a stencil of my intact right eyebrow to help me draw the other one on until I decide what to do. We discuss Revitalash and Latisse (the latest in eyelash- and eyebrow-boosting creams), but I am not allowed to use either on my burnt skin. Irradiated hair does, apparently, eventually grow back for some, but it is usually white and sparse.

:: This piece won Best Journalism Award: Beauty at the P&G Beauty and Grooming Awards.

RED MAGAZINE – JUNE 2013 – The Essential Guide to Lashes and Brows




GRAZIA MAGAZINE – 8th April 2013 – Sue Marsh’s famed Lash Lift and colour boost treatment is ideal for mums-t0-be!

5th April 2013 –  Expert Tips – Eye Opener – Queen of Lashes Sue Marsh launches her new range of lashes By Celebrity Beauty Stalker, Alice Howard

Earlier this year, Sue’s stunning Eye Boutique lashes were used at the Asiana Bridal Show as featured below. Read More

Celebrity Beauty Stalker : 2nd January 2013 – Eye Boutique will make your eye-colour burst! -There’s a new ‘eye drama’ fluttering across London and the leading lady whose behind this ‘eye-catching’ episode is Sue Marsh…..

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31st December – Grazia

How To Master The Art of Grooming! Here’s Your Beauty Guide

3. The Back-Lash Factor

This season, forget mascara free lashes, forget a naturally enhanced brow and forget having to choose between the two. “Brows and lashes frame your face and without one, the other won’t work,” explains lash queen Sue Marsh.

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Scratch Magazine – December 2012 – The London Lash Look


31st December 2012 – Daily Mirror  Danielle Lineker’s  ‘Get gorgeous New Year’s Eve party guide’

Getting to grips with false lashes is a must at this time of year. They are such a great way to instantly make a statement with your eyes.

Queen of Lashes (6) Sue Marsh’s Eye Boutique Professional Eyelash Kit contains half-strip lashes for an ultra-feminine look (£17,

The kit also has a stainless steel lash-holding gadget with a firm grip mechanism, making the lashes really easy to apply. Even if you have never used false lashes before you will love this.

31st December 2012: Hello Magazine
Beauty Insider from Hello’s beauty editor Nadine Baggott!

Fancy a Flutter! – Achieve eye-catching looks with the help of London lash queen Sue Marsh!

10th December 2012Kate Middleton’s eyebrows given royal approval by queen of lashes Sue Marsh!

Heralded as the queen of lashes, Sue Marsh, whose celebrity clients include Naomi Campbell, isn’t part of that camp, and praised the Duchess of Cambridge’s look, although she did have a few suggestions.

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3rd October 2012: Cosmopolitan – “Sue Marsh Eye Boutique”
“With over 20 years experience in the industry and a long list of celeb clients, Sue has recently launched her own line of falsies that promise to intensify, brighten and widen eyes. I found it all very exciting because I do love a good lash to finish off a look.”
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5th October 2012: Diary Directory – “Sue Marsh Eye Boutique launches”
“Eyelash expert Sue Marsh has unveiled her innaugural range of lashes. Unique to the market, the half-width lashes, priced at £8 per pack, are subtly infused with colour, creating texture.”


8th October 2012: Scratch Magazine – “Sue Marsh launches Boutique Lashes”
“I had the pleasure of meeting expert nail technician turned lash queen Sue Marsh. Sue, who is a specialist in lash application has a long list of celebrity clientele, and is now releasing her own line of Eye Boutique lashes.”

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26th Sept 2012: Salon Geek – “Sue Marsh Launches Lashes Range”
“Sue Marsh is known as many things. Nail technician extraordinaire, queen of lashes, all round industry guru but, after seeing her new lashes range, there are two words that jump to mind: artist & designer” – The Ed, Salon Geek
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24th April 2012: Really Ree – “Sue Marsh – The London Lash Queen”
“I had the pleasure of meeting this amazing woman last week and oh my goodness! I Love her! She is one seriously charismatic and fascinating woman”
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20th July 2011: Harpers Bazaar “Best for Bespoke lashes”
“Marsh custom – blends colour and length, so the results always look soft, full and above all real”
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July 2012: Red Online –  By Alice Hart Davis
“I was hooked on Sue Marsh’s amazing eyelash extensions for years”
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September 2012: Girls with attitude
“Queen of Lashes bringing a touch of royalty with new Eye Boutique …”



June 2012: Beach Tomato – “Perfect Long Lashes”
“For those who want eyes that pop without the faff of eyelash extensions, you need to book an appointment with Eyelash Guru Sue Marsh”
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July 2012 – Country & Town House magazine – “Cath’s little black book of beauty”
“Best Lashes and Brows – London Lash Queen – Sue Marsh”


20th April 2010 – Vogue – “Lash Ahoy”
“Eyelash specialist and all round creative genius – Sue Marsh”

January – Nadine Baggott
“Combine it with a visit to Sue Marsh”


Aug 2010 – Fabulous Magazine – Eliza Doolittle
“A lady called Sue Marsh decorates my eyelashes for me. I call her the lash
legend. I let her experiment on me – I’m loving sparkly lashes right now. I
also emphasise my brown eyes with lilac, green and gold shades.”
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Sept 2012
Pure Beauty Award – Best eye Accessory launch nominee
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March 2012 – Beauty All Stars Expo –
“Famous five beauty experts include Sue Marsh”

June 2011 – Elle Magazine
“Elle loves Lash expert Sue Marsh’s version – The bespoke Eyelash Tint and lift”
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Daniel Sandler – Make Up artist
“Hand on heart. These knock socks off any lash you’ve ever tried or wanted to try”
Twitter 20th Sept 2012

Chloe Green
Girls get your gorgeous colour infused lashes with eyelash tool by @SueMarshLondon at only £8

Naomi Campbell
Loving my Sue March Lashes!